AEDnet FP7 project management meeting, NCDC Tbilisi, Georgia, 22nd April

Les Baillie (CU)
Mzia (EIG)
Lile (NCDC)
Mitat Sahin (KAU)

Agenda items
1. Missed secondments from 2014
2. Moving secondments from one institution to another
3. Secondment reports
4. Project related presentations
5. Progress on project deliverables
6. Project workshop in Tbilisi, Sept 2015
7. Project website
8. Any other business.

1. Missed secondments from 2014
During the first year of the project we only completed 16 of the proposed 50 secondments. We need to reschedule the missed secondments over the remaining period of the project and send a revise a copy of the plan to our EU project officer. Lile and Mzia will send there plans to reschedule the secondments from there institutions which were not completed.

2. Moving secondments from one institution to another.

1. A request was made by Lile to investigate the possibility of moving secondment from NCDC to KAU (3 months in year 1 and 1 month in year 2) to another EU partner institution within the project. Les will contact the EU project officer to determine if this is possible as it will involve changes to individual budgets.

2. There was also a request to determine if a secondment from UHOH to NCDC planned for year 1 which could not be completed by UHOH could be reallocated to NCDC. Les will contact the EU project officer to determine if this is possible.

3. Jason Farlow has not been able to resolve his position at ISU and as consequence it has been proposed that we reassign all of the secondment that will be going to ISU to NCDC. Les will contact the EU project officer. We will also have to reassign any secondments which we planned to take place from ISU.

4. The group from IZPSB are concerned about sending there start to Ukraine and have request that there secondments be shifted from the Ukrainian institution to the Intitution in Georgia. I will contact the EU project officer to see if this is possible.

5. The group in IZSPB would like to break a one month secondment to Georgia into two blocks of 15 days and to send two researchers to Georgia at the same time, both for 15 days. The total funding for this secondment would add up to 1 month as budgeted. I will approach the EU project officer to determine if this is possible.

3.Secondment reports- At the completion of the secondment the secondee must write a short report of there visit describing the new skills and/or knowledge that they have gained from the visit. Please include pictures if possible. Send the report to Cardiff. Please also send copies of airline tickets as confirmation of the secondment dates. Attached is an example of a recent secondment report for a visit to IZSPB. Thesae reports will be posted on the website.

4.Project related presentations- Please send details of any presentations/ publication which have arisen from the project to Cardiff so that they can be included in the progress report to the EU and posted on the website. Also for future presentations please ensure that the Marie Curie and EU logos are included.

5. Progress on project deliverables for 2015. We have the following deliverables scheduled for the end of 2015. The lead institution for each activity is shown in brackets.
i) Training to characterise phages from field experiments (EIG)

ii) Training in the cloning and expression of B.anthracis specific lysins (WiHE)

iii) Identification and optimization of site specific spore germinants (CU)

iv) Full characterization anthrax spore contaminated sites in Georgia (NCDC), Turkey (KAU) and Ukraine (NSC IECVM)

v) A germinant/ phage decontamination formulation suitable for field trials- (CU)

vi) A germinant/phage lysin decontamination formulation suitable for field trials- (WiHE)

We are making good progress in all of these areas and we call review progress during our meeting in Tbilisi in Sept 2015.
6. Project workshop to be held in Tbilisi towards the end of Sept 2015, date and details to be finalised. – To reduce organizational costs this will be a combined meeting of two anthrax related projects both of which involve partners in Tbilisi.- Outline programme is attached- we need to agree presentations for the AEDnet session. The suggestion is for each institutional lead to give an overview as to there activities and then for individual young researchers who have been on secondment to give a brief presentation of their experience an the knowledge they have gained.

7. Project website.-
Project deliverables, reports and papers arising from the project will be posted on the website as they are generated. Please check the partner institution section and confirm that you are happy with the text which as been posted, if not please send us new text.

7. Any other business
The next meeting will be held in Tbilisi in Sept before or after the workshop on the 29th Sept 2015