AEDnet update; Tbilisi Workshop 2015 presentations

Below are the recent presentations giving updates from each group working within the AEDnet project. 

  1. Cardiff University, Wales, UK- CU presentation
  2. NCDC, Georgia – AEDnet-Anthrax NCDC presentation-LM
  3. Bundeswher Institute for Microbiology, Germany – Bundeswher-Ecology of Bacillus anthracis
  4. National Centre for Anthrax Research, Italy – IZPSB
  5. University of Kafkas, Turkey –Kafkas presentation
  6. Eliava Institute, Georgia – Kutateladze (Eliava Institute)
  7. University of Hohenheim, Germany – Tiflis 2015 
  8. Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Poland – WiHIE

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