Ilia State University

Located in Tbilisi, Georgia, Ilia State University (ISU) is a higher education institution that strives for academic excellence and integrity in teaching and research. ISU’s recognition at home and abroad, amongst many of its partners worldwide is due to ISU’s unique institutional capacity that is reflected primarily, in the quality of academic staff recruited successfully throughout Georgia and beyond. Secondly, in the strong focus on and commitment to research conducted in the areas relative to Georgia’s geopolitical standing and social, political and cultural development,  and in its distinctive ability to initiate an open, unbiased public policy discussion. Over a short period of time, ISU has emerged as one of the leading reformers in Georgian higher education system and has managed to evolve into one of the most selective universities and prestigious study destinations in the country.

ISU was established in 2006 as a merger of six different institutions, each having a long history and a diverse institutional profile. With its over 800 academic staff, the university strives to provide excellence in all areas of academic practice and scientific research in Georgia.

Four Schools – Arts and Sciences, Business, Law and  Engineering  – each offer distinctive training in their respective direction.

Ilia State University unites 25 Research Institutes, Centers and Laboratories dispersed across the country. The diverse profile of these research institutions and laboratories create a unique opportunity for research and practice on the topics relevant to Georgia’s role and contribution to international community.

Today, Ilia State University has:

  •   reached the highest research citation index  in Georgia;  fourteen percent of ISU’s  annual budget is allocated for research and ISU is the first University in Georgia to use international peer reviewing in its publications;
  •   one of the top positions among Georgian HEIs in Webometrics Ranking Web of World Universities that ranked 12,000 HEIs worldwide indicating performance and visibility;
  •  academic and research infrastructure in every region of Georgia (25 large and small research centers and stations);
  • 10,000 student places: strong competition in the university entry examinations is rising and/or the demand has been maintained in spite of an increased intake of student body each year;
  • pioneered to transform itself into the first Liberal Arts Educational Institution

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