National Scientific Centre Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine

General Information
The oldest in Ukraine Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary medicine was founded in 1922 by special decision of the Government. Since its foundation Institute worked on such problems as malleus, anthrax, brucellosis, plague, swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, stachyobotryotoxicosis and others. At present time NSC “IECVM” is a leading coordinating center on the problems of scientific support of veterinary medicine in Ukraine.
Institute’s Focus:
A. Solid core competencies in:
• Conducting of fundamental and applied investigations, directed to ensuring of stable veterinary in Ukraine;
•Development of new means for immunoprevention and diagnosis of cattle, pigs, poultry, bees, fish and small domestic animals infectious diseases on the base of modern biotechnologies;
•Development of scientific conceptions, new methodological approaches and decisions, that ensure reception of environmentally safe animal products.
B. During 85 years of intensive research work institute has collected and kept in persistent storage the unique collection (more than 700) of dangerous infectious diseases agent strains in agricultural and wild animals.
Valuable Technology Offerings
• tuberculins for indication of atypical mycobacteria and indication of mycobacteria Avium;
• inactivated vaccine against Avian influenza (strains virus H5N1);
• “Rokokol” vaccine against esherichiosis, rota- and coronaviral infections;
• inactivated vaccine against Newcastle disease of poultry;
• inactivated vaccine against bovine infectious rhynotracheitis;
• divalent vaccine against Marek’s disease;
• aulergin Aujeszky;
• test-systems for leukosis diagnostic;
Scientific Cooperation and Technology Transfer
The Institute has cooperative relationships with several institutions abroad (e.g., National Veterinary Research Institute, Poland)
University of Novi Sad (Serbia and Montenegro), All Russian Scientific Research Institute for Animal Protection (Russia), All Russian Scientific Research Veterinary Institute of Pathology, Pharmacology and Therapy (Russia), Friedrich Loeffler Institute (Germany). In recent years NSC ‘IECVM’ participated in science and technology conference&exhibitions in Germany, Italy and Poland. NSC ‘IECVM’ participating by grants:
IIPPP160 (PNNL-T2-0274) “Genetic variability of tuberculosis and atypical mycobacteria isolated of farm animals inradiation-polluted areas”,
IIPPP168 (PNNL-T2-0274) “Receiving of antigens and monoclonal antibodies with the purpose of using in ELISA test-system for tuberculosis, leptospirosis and Ayjeszky’s disease diagnostics” and
Biological Threat Reduction Program (BTRP).

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